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Authors Jesus to Jesus Syed Nadim Rizvi

Syed Nadim Rizvi


Syed Nadim Rizvi is a man whose background and passions have shaped an extraordinary journey. Hailing from a family with a rich history of success and influence, Nadim’s father was a prominent figure in the film industries of India and Pakistan, while his mother achieved remarkable success in the world of business, notably in the textile export sector of Pakistan.

Nadim’s academic journey took him through Adamjee Science College and the University of Karachi, where he earned his Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees. However, his true calling lay in the social welfare sector where he played a pivotal role in servicing the needy communities of Pakistan. With unwavering dedication, he embarked on a remarkable journey by joining the prestigious Jaycees International organization at a very young age. Through sheer hard work and steadfast commitment, he ascended the ranks, ultimately achieving the remarkable feat of becoming the President of the Pakistani Jaycees.

This marked only the beginning of his journey towards an illustrious international career within the global organization, headquartered in Miami, Florida. Progressing swiftly, he attained the position of International Vice President, a significant milestone preceding another groundbreaking achievement: becoming the first-ever and sole Executive Vice President of Junior Chamber International. Amidst garnering numerous international awards and accolades, his prowess as an esteemed speaker and trainer gained widespread admiration.

Upon arriving in the United States, Nadim took on a pivotal role as a founding member of the non-profit organization, Share Your Blessings. Committed to the objective of eliminating hunger within society, the organization works tirelessly to distribute essential food and supplies to those in need by working with churches, mosques, and other places of worship in the vibrant city of Houston. Demonstrating his dedication to this cause, Nadim currently serves as the President of Share Your Blessings, leading efforts to make a meaningful impact on the lives of the underprivileged.

Beyond his professional and social life, Nadim is a dedicated advocate for peace and harmony on a global scale. Troubled by tensions and misunderstandings among followers of the Abrahamic traditions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam), he embarked on a personal quest. His deep exploration of the Holy Quran, with English and Urdu translations, aimed to uncover the genuine meaning of this sacred text, free from external biases. This quest became the foundation for his book, “Jesus to Jesus.”

In this book, Nadim seeks to present a unique perspective on the life of Jesus Christ and his Second Coming from an Islamic viewpoint. His goal is to highlight Jesus as a respected and beloved figure in Islam, a religion followed by nearly 2 billion people. Through “Jesus to Jesus,” Nadim hopes to foster understanding and unity among the Abrahamic Faiths.

Nadim also harbors a vision for this book to attain global dissemination in various languages, offering it the chance to resonate with millions of lives through its messages of hope, peace, and spiritual harmony. The book serves as an illustration, emphasizing that, despite our differences, we share much more in common than what sets us apart.

As the President of Citrine Publishing Services, LLC, Nadim Rizvi is not just an author but a visionary who seeks to build bridges and promote dialogue among diverse faiths through his work.

Authors Jesus to Jesus Jack Snyder

Jack Snyder


Jack Snyder is an award-winning filmmaker with many films to his credit. With a career spanning both the silver and small screens, his movies have graced the distribution halls of industry giants like 20th Century Fox, NBCUniversal, Warner Brothers, and Sony. Many of his works have been shown theatrically and captivated audiences on The Showtime Network, The Movie Channel, the Syfy Channel, and the Lifetime Movie Network.

A crown jewel in Jack’s filmography is “57 SECONDS,” an engaging science fiction thriller where he assumed the roles of co-producer and story consultant. This cinematic gem, released in 2023, features the stellar talents of Morgan Freeman and Josh Hutcherson.

In a testament to his storytelling ability, Jack penned and directed the spellbinding “FAMILY OF LIES,” a gripping thriller that found its place on the Lifetime Movie Network before captivating the streaming audiences of Tubi TV and gracing DVD/Blu-ray collections through Sony Pictures.

Beyond the confines of Hollywood’s major studios, Jack has displayed his indie spirit with riveting creations such as “COLD MOON,” a chilling horror film co-written and co-produced by Jack, boasting a stellar cast featuring Josh Stewart, Candy Clark, Frank Whaley, and Christopher Lloyd. Not to be outdone, he ventured into dark comedy territory with “BAD GRANDMAS,” where legends like Florence Henderson (The Brady Bunch), Pam Grier (Jackie Brown), and Judge Reinhold (The Santa Clause) lent their magic to the screen.

Jack’s artistry extends to the thrillers “FATAL CALL,” featuring a stellar ensemble of Jason London, Danielle Harris, and Kevin Sorbo, with Warner Brothers handling its VOD distribution. Another thriller, “GHOST IMAGE,” starring Elisabeth Rohm and Stacey Dash, aired on the Showtime platform before embarking on a global journey distributed by the venerable 20th Century Fox.

Jack co-wrote the book, JESUS TO JESUS, with Nadim Rizvi and Pamela Cosel. Together, they explored the return of Jesus to face the Antichrist as told from the Islamic perspective and presented it in book form wrapped in an amazing awe-inspiring story.

Authors Jesus to Jesus Pamela Cosel

Pamela (Zordani) Cosel

Pamela (Zordani) Cosel, a seasoned freelance writer and editor, made her journalistic debut back in 1980, marking the beginning of a remarkable career. Over the decades, she has penned her words for newspapers, magazines, and online platforms, with notable stints in the television news industry at KXRM/FOX21 in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and KXAN/NBC in Austin, Texas. In 2008, Pam’s journey led her to the Democratic National Convention in Denver, where she contributed as a blogger for KXRM during Barack Obama’s historic presidential nomination.

Her professional journey extends to the non-profit sector, where she lent her communication expertise to organizations like United Way and Hospice. However, Pam’s connection with her faith is deeply ingrained in her identity as a Christian, and she firmly believes that the timing of the new book “Jesus to Jesus” is serendipitous for our fractured world. In a climate marred by division and anger, the book poses a profound question: What if Jesus returned today? This gripping narrative delves into the world’s response to such an event, and Pam is unreservedly prepared for the possibility of Jesus’s second coming.

Her professional background also boasts a rich tapestry of experience, encompassing 14 years of service in city government across communication departments, special events management, and tourism in various locations, including Colorado, California, and Texas. Her illustrious career reached a significant milestone in July 2018 when she decided to retire from her role as the public information officer for the City of Taylor, Texas, in order to channel her focus into her writing and editing business, ATXEditing.

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