About Jesus To Jesus The Book

This bestselling book is the story of Jesus as never told before. From the Islamic perspective, this epic story spans twenty centuries, taking us from the virgin birth of Jesus to the near future with his return to Earth and his final world-shaking conflict with the Anti-Christ.

The inspiration for this story is the current political, social and global situation where fundamentalism and extremism are on the rise. Factions such as ISIS and Al-Qaida have damaged the beautiful and peaceful image of Islam. It is a fact that 99.9% of the Muslim population does not agree with this “Extremist Un-Islamic” ideology. We feel that someone needs to come forward and counter such elements because their actions are against the peaceful teachings of Islam.

This desire resulted in a fast-paced, action-packed thrilling book that many of our readers have said feels like a movie. In fact, many think it would not only be a huge box-office hit but would surpass The DaVinci Code in popularity.

But we need your help to make this message of peace a reality. The screenplay is written, and locations have been scouted for filming. We’ve already pursued Hollywood’s involvement but discovered they want to make extreme changes to the original concept and intent of the story.
So, we want our friends and followers – you – to help us raise the money. Our target is a minimum of $2,000,000, of which $597,000 has already been raised.

Jesus to Jesus unites all peace-loving people, Muslims and Christians alike, around the birth of Jesus (Peace be upon him) and his return to fight against the Dajjal (Anti-Christ).
Jesus is one of the most intriguing men to ever walk the Earth. Jesus came to this world as a Messiah to Jews, Christians, and Muslims alike. Jesus to Jesus will bridge the gap between Islam and the West by telling the story of Jesus from the Quranic narrative. People will see a side of Islam as never before.

Support our team in this noble cause. Make history by making this movie happen.

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