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Book Intro:

“Jesus To Jesus” is a gripping spiritual narrative that delves into the eternal story of Jesus, from a fresh perspective.

Ranked as a #1 National Bestseller across multiple categories, “Jesus to Jesus” presents the story of Jesus, Prophet Isa (Peace Be Upon Him), in a way never told before. Spanning twenty centuries, from the virgin birth of Jesus to his anticipated return and final conflict with the Anti-Christ [Dajjal], this epic tale addresses the rise of fundamentalism and extremism in the current global situation.

Motivated by the need to counter extremist ideologies, this book promotes interfaith harmony by uniting peace-loving people, Muslims, and Christians alike, around the birth of Jesus and his return to confront the Dajjal [Antichrist]. Bridging the gap between Islam and the West, the narrative unfolds through characters on an exhilarating journey, discovering a new version of the story that ushers in the end times. “Jesus to Jesus” promises a breathtaking ride, full of twists and turns, providing a fresh perspective on the revered figure of Prophet Isa [Jesus].

Renowned American television reporter Fatima Al-Hasan and cameraman Ali Abrahim embark on a life-altering assignment in Israel, where they find themselves amid several terrorist attacks by a group called TRIAD, the world’s most powerful and dangerous extremist group.

As Fatima, a lapsed Muslim, and Ali, a devout Muslim, join forces with agnostic CIA agent Paul Sheppard, they make a shocking discovery—the attacks may be heralding the events foretold in Biblical and Quranic prophecies, signaling the End Times, leading to the imminent return of Isa [Jesus] and his mission to confront the Antichrist.

This religious epic tale of faith, courage, and survival keeps readers on the edge of their seats as Fatima, Ali, and Paul navigate a perilous journey that challenges their beliefs and reveals the shared essence of the Abrahamic faiths. Brace yourself for a captivating climax that reshapes the understanding of Jesus’ history and his profound impact on humanity.

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